Giovanni Allegrini

Recioto della Valpolicella Classico D.O.C.G.


Natural partial drying of the grapes in the drying facility with a drop in weight of 40-45%


The best grapes, harvested in the upper hillsides, are left to dry in the drying facility for about 5 months. After soft pressing, the wine ferments in steel tanks and ages in new barriques for 14 months, in large barrels for 2 months and in the bottle for about 10 months


Corvina Veronese 40%
Corvinone 40%
Rondinella 15%
Oseleta 5%


Manual harvesting of selected bunches carried out in mid-September

  • 3 times 90+

  • 6 times 90+

  • 14 times 90+

  • 5 times Tre Bicchieri


  • Alcoholic degree 13.77% Vol
  • Total acidity 6.20 g/l
  • Sugar residue 106 g/l
  • Dry extract 148.4 g/l
  • pH 3.55

Giovanni Allegrini, the man who symbolises Valpolicella, was a great lover of Recioto. His offspring Walter, Marilisa and Franco have dedicated this wine to their father since 1990. An extraordinary innovator, Giovanni used Recioto to measure the skill of the winemakers of the time. Recioto is one of the oldest wines in the world, dating back to Roman times. It is a sweet wine and unique in its kind, able to promote contemplation and accompany life’s most joyful occasions. Today it is widely recognized as the noble ‘forefather’ of Amarone.

Tasting notes

A sweet wine, intense ruby red in colour. The bouquet is extremely broad and varied: notes of dried fruit and blackberry jam are accompanied by spices, in particular cloves and cinnamon, and hints of violet. Its incredible freshness is captivating and distinguishes it from any other passito or ‘raisined’ wine.

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