VIGNAVECCHIA 2015<br/>100 points awarded by Suckling<br/>Marilisa Allegrini: What a great feeling!
09 October 2019

100 points awarded by Suckling
Marilisa Allegrini: What a great feeling!

Dear friends

I have always claimed that San Polo is one of the most interesting wineries in the Montalcino area because here the landscape is overwhelmingly beautiful. You feel like you are going back in time when you admire its unspoilt nature, a picture-postcard of vineyards, olive trees and ancient oak trees. A few years ago, to express what I felt when I came here, I found myself thinking I was like Scarlett O’Hara when she returned to Tara: my ‘go-to’ place in times of need, a shelter from adversity. Then I invented this payoff: EXPANDING HORIZON, because for me San Polo represents an endless horizon with a breath-taking panorama, where you can immediately grasp the perfection of the microclimate. But not only: San Polo has taught me, even beyond my natural inclination, to look forward, to broaden my horizons and to never give up, even when things get tough. I held on to this belief and made enormous sacrifices with my family when, in 2015, we became sole owners of the Company. And now my determination, those sacrifices and many sleepless nights have been symbolically rewarded with exactly that vintage, 2015.
BRUNELLO DI MONTALCINO VIGNAVECCHIA 2015 has achieved the coveted and incredible recognition of 100 points by James Suckling. 100 points means a perfect wine, a wine that cannot be bettered. I get goose bumps as I write, my hands are shaking... James has an incredible palate, an innate talent, but he also judges with great rigour and exactitude. I feel incredibly proud to have received this rating from him. I dedicate this achievement to my daughters Carlotta and Caterina and to Giancarlo, who have never failed in their affection for me, and also to Marrico and Vittorina who have been so supportive, to Riccardo, a young oenologist, hard worker and undoubted talent who took charge of production in the company in 2015, and to Luca who, with his expert experience, provides guidance to us in this wonderful adventure. I dedicate it to those who share the daily joys and concerns with me: Stefania, Ago, Costa and Mario and to my precious collaborators Leonardo, Saverio, Robin, Tom, Francesca, Giampietro, Mattia, Federico, Alberto, Marie Cloe, Paolo and Martino who, sharing my own determination, have done their utmost for the success of San Polo. But above all, I dedicate this award to you who, way back in time, believed in San Polo and its potential: you have promoted this Company’s wine and its wonderful terroir with enthusiasm and professionalism. Like me, you let yourselves be enchanted by the iconic, aesthetically beautiful winery that is also a symbol of innovation and respect for the environment. This sustainable architecture, designed with visionary skill some 10 years ago, is a model of energy efficiency which, combined with our organic viticulture, represents the standard strongly demanded by our new generations: respect for their future by respecting the environment.
This is an important moment for me and my family and I want to celebrate it, symbolically, with all of you as I look forward to seeing you here in my very own ‘Tara’.

Cheers to San Polo’s 100/100!
With warmest regards,