Allegrini and the ship ‘Vespucci’
16 March 2020

Allegrini and the ship ‘Vespucci’

We have delivered a prestigious supply of our wines to the port of La Spezia: Amarone 2016 Allegrini and Solosole 2018 by Poggio al Tesoro. They are intended for the ship called Amerigo Vespucci, the pride of the Navy and of Italy as a whole. At such a strange and difficult time, this seems to us to be a wonderful sign of hope and positivity. Even the Vespucci, which should have sailed in mid-March for its voyage around the world, is anchored to its moorings, just as we are, ready to set sail again in future with greater enthusiasm and energy than ever before. In this situation, Amarone and Solosole are emblems attesting to the excellence of a country we love and respect. The future navigation of the Vespucci is also our own...