Marilisa Allegrini listed  <br/> in Forbes top 100 women
03 July 2019

Marilisa Allegrini listed
in Forbes top 100 women

Movie stars and well-known TV personalities, emerging designers, scientists or sports icons. But also, and above all, successful entrepreneurs and managers, all at the helm of large companies with a global profile or small family businesses they have helped launch and grow, shaping them via their own unique qualities as leaders. These are the 100 Italians, listed strictly in alphabetical order, that Forbes has chosen to represent the best female talent in Italy in 2019. 100 women able to play a fundamental role, in a company or institution, exploiting their personal treasure trove of skills, creativity, charisma, tenacity, and ability to innovate and expound a vision for the future. And among these 100 women is Marilisa Allegrini.