Allegrini team at Dynamo Camp<br/> Marilisa Allegrini: <br/ >“we are proud to share this project”
09 January 2018

Allegrini team at Dynamo Camp
Marilisa Allegrini:
“we are proud to share this project”

It’s time for a business meeting for the Allegrini team: as usual, this occurs at the beginning of the year and involves discussion of the budget and, above all, affords an opportunity to draw up guidelines for the coming months. The chosen location is Dynamo Camp in Limestre, in the province of Pistoia, a recreational therapy centre for children with disabilities ( http: //www.dynamocamp. org ), where the company has returned once again to support the project that started in 1988 from an idea promoted by the actor Paul Newman.
“It is always a pleasure and a source of pride for us - Marilisa Allegrini reminded us - to support Dynamo Camp activities with our presence. It is part of our corporate philosophy to contribute concretely to the growth of useful projects such as this by sharing them with our team of staff and collaborators”.