The 16th century ‘Domus’ <br/> according to Giulio Romano:<br/>Palazzo Te and Villa della Torre
18 September 2019

The 16th century ‘Domus’
according to Giulio Romano:
Palazzo Te and Villa della Torre

Two major exhibitions dedicated to Giulio Romano are due to open in Mantua: 'Con nuova e stravagante maniera' and 'Arte e desiderio' ('In new and extravagant manner' and 'Art and desire').
We could not but feel involved in these events as Villa Della Torre is deeply imbued with the ideas, spiritual atmosphere, passion and most probably the actual design project of this Master Architect and Artist as well as the skilful contribution of his Workshop. Both Palazzo Te and Villa della Torre, masterpieces of the first half of the 16th century, graft architectural and figurative variations - that are not without allegorical value - onto the classic structure and floor plan of the Vitruvian domus: the fall of the giants, the grotesque zoomorphic fireplaces, and in both villas, fish ponds crossed by a bridge and surprising enfilades or 'corridor views'.
But it is above all the rustic peristyle of the villa, in all its exuberant expressiveness, that is strongly influenced by the creativity and inventiveness of Giulio Romano - who was Rafael's favourite pupil - exhibited in Palazzo Te in Mantua. These formal innovations were developed in Rome in the early decades of the 16th century and spread to Northern Italy by virtue of the artist's fervent immagination. These new features were destined to embrace infinite applications, from architecture to painting, sculpture and the decorative arts in a crescendo that Massimo Bulgarelli and Linda Wolk-Simon, from different viewpoints, will help us to understand and appreciate.

18.00 Guided tour of Villa Della Torre Allegrini by Giancarlo Mastella (in Italian)

18.45 The Hall of Mirrors
Greetings from Marilisa Allegrini and Stefano Baia Curioni

18.50 Introduction by Gianni Moriani
"La Domus del Cinquecento nel segno di Giulio Romano: Palazzo Te e Villa Della Torre" (In Italian)

19.00 Massimo Bulgarelli, IUAV University of Venice
"Villa Della Torre. Un’interpretazione dell’architettura" (In Italian)

19.45pm Linda Wolk-Simon, Fairfield University Art Museum
"Giulio Romano: arte, sesso e divertissement"

20.30 Pre-dinner drinks in the Peristyle

20.45 Dinner in the 16th century Devil's Dining Room (by invitation only)