“L’eros nel mondo antico” <br/> Event on 18 July<br/> at Villa Della Torre
27 June 2019

“L’eros nel mondo antico”
Event on 18 July
at Villa Della Torre

Celebrations continue for the 10th anniversary of Villa della Torre. It was 2009 when the Renaissance monument in Fumane designed by Giulio Romano and Michele Sanmicheli was acquired by Marilisa Allegrini and gradually transformed into a venue for cultural events and hospitality.

After Massimo Cacciari’s lectio magistralis on the origin of wine, the next event – planned for 18th July – represents another extraordinarily interesting talk featuring Giulia Sissa, one of the most renowned historians of the culture and ideas of the ancient world. She is a Professor at the University of California, Los Angeles.

Introduced by Nadia Maria Filippini, Giulia Sissa will illustrate the itinerary of desire, pleasure and the body from the Greek to the Roman world and up to the Fathers of the Church. Before the phrase "I love you" sealed sexual intercourse, before eros was seized upon by art and expelled from the realm of philosophy, before the shadow of sin fell on sex, the ancient world was in tune with unexplored possibilities: it had means of investigation and expression from which we, today, can venture to understand who we are and where, perhaps, subliminally, we are heading.

6.00pm Guided tour of Villa Della Torre and Bucintoro (upper grotto), curated by Giancarlo Mastella
6.45pm Greetings from Marilisa Allegrini
6.50pm Introduction by Nadia Maria Filippini, Italian Society of Historians
7.00pm Conversation by Giulia Sissa, Professor of the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) - EROS IN THE ANCIENT WORLD
(The talk will be in Italian)
8.00pm Pre-dinner drinks in the Peristyle
8.30pm Dinner by invitation only at the Sea Monster Lounge, dating back to the 16th century