Marilisa Allegrini:<br/> “Wine is a medium<br/> that unites countries”
11 April 2019

Marilisa Allegrini:
“Wine is a medium
that unites countries”

“Wine must act as a bridge between cultures. We have to open ourselves to the world and to its differences, as a means of enriching ourselves and our customers, especially at a difficult time like this for our country. We have to succeed in attracting people thanks to the love of wine, but also by telling them about and enabling them to experience Italy’s attractions”.
This is how Marilisa Allegrini commented on the 53rd edition of Vinitaly, which the Allegrini Group dedicated to Japan, as a symbol of a market with great opportunities for growth and rapprochement between different worlds, West and East.

“We love Japan – says Marilisa Allegrini –, a country that has a different culinary tradition to ours but also many similarities. While other markets are experiencing a moment of hiatus, Japan represents a benchmark for our exports, which now reach over 80 countries across the world. It responds well to our wines and gives us hope for further expansion”.
Villa Della Torre Allegrini, the company’s representative headquarters and venue, was transformed for the now traditional gala dinners, taking on a very Japanese flavour, created with trees in blossom and oriental touches, and with rhythms and percussion by Masayuki Sakamoto.
This year the master-chef behind the gala dinners was Carlo Cracco. “The collaboration with Allegrini – said the chef – is one that has already begun, but I hope it will lead us on to new projects together in the future”. The various menus created by Cracco explored the connections between traditional cuisine and Japan, to which Allegrini also decided to dedicate the new Limited Edition of La Grola, entrusted to the artist Hiroyuki Masuyama. A 24-hour time-lapse summarized in a series of overlapping and juxtaposed pixel images of the vineyard, purchased exactly 40 years ago by Giovanni Allegrini.

La Grola also played host to a vertical tasting of seven vintages led by Franco Allegrini, which retraced the history of one of Valpolicella’s most representative wines, right back to vintage 1997, judged as ‘surprising’ by the wine tasters present.

Allegrini also took part in a tasting of the most prestigious vintages of Amarone with its vintage 2000 along with the Historic Families, which are celebrating their 10th anniversary in 2019. Vintage 2013 was instead showcased to wine lovers at Opera Wine, which opened the 53rd edition of Vinitaly.