VILLA DELLA TORRE<br/> amongst winners of <br/> best of wine tourism 2018
29 June 2018

amongst winners of
best of wine tourism 2018

Villa Della Torre Allegrini is among the prestigious winners of the Best of Wine Tourism 2018 competition. The competition shines a spotlight on, and promotes, Verona in the context of the world’s wine capitals for the ability it has demonstrated in bringing fame and wellbeing to an entire region. The reasoning behind the award reads: “For having transformed an historic villa, a rare jewel of the Italian Renaissance designed by Giulio Romano, into a venue sharing and enhancing beauty, history and culture, open to visitors from all over the world, while maintaining a strong link with the local community. The rich programme of cultural events and tastings, open to the public, make it a benchmark not only within the context of great Veronese wines, but also for art and culture, offering hospitality to tourists who are passionate about Veronese wines and to Italian and European intellectuals who have discovered the Villa to be an ideal meeting place”.
Marilisa Allegrini, proud of the important award that will be handed over on Friday 29th June 2018 at the Domus Mercatorum Auditorium of the Chamber of Commerce of Verona, thanks all the passionate and competent staff of Villa Della Torre.