Christmas Greetings <br/> from Marilisa Allegrini
22 December 2017

Christmas Greetings
from Marilisa Allegrini

"From a wine production point of view, 2017 was not a simple year, but man's competence allows us to obtain quality products even in challenging years, as evidenced by our Harvest Diaries, where we explain what can be achieved even in complicated vintages! I invite you to read them:
Allegrini - Harvest Diary 2017
Poggio al Tesoro - Harvest Diary 2017
San Polo - Harvest Diary 2017
So many wonderful things happened in 2017, including the cover that the Wine Spectator magazine dedicated to me, the first Italian woman. I raise my glass with you in a toast to this great achievement and to the New Year, 2018.
May I wish you all a Merry Christmas and happiness and success throughout the coming year! Cheers!"
Marilisa Allegrini