Allegrini and ISWA brands at ProWein
23 March 2018

Allegrini and ISWA brands at ProWein

ProWein, the important trade fair that took place in Düsseldorf from 18th to 20th March, saw Allegrini play a prominent role, together with ISWA. ISWA, the Italian Signature Wines Academy (Allegrini, Caprai, Feudi of San Gregorio, Fontanafredda, Frescobaldi, Masciarelli, Planeta and Villa Sandi), is made up of companies that, over the years, have been able to develop significant synergies. The brands are acclaimed and well-known all over the world, being representative of the excellence of their respective regions.
“In the era of the sharing economy, ISWA is increasingly dedicated to sharing values, experiences and projects”, explains Marilisa Allegrini, who has been president of the Association since it was founded in 2014. “The social structure of ISWA was designed to avoid an overlapping of brands, thereby preventing any possible conflict. In fact, the companies in ISWA do not compete with each other but instead manage to work as a team, creating effective synergies. They present themselves together with the aim of increasing both the prestige of the individual brands and the image of Italy, thanks to the immense evocative power inherent in the values of our country”. During ProWein 2018, each member of ISWA worked to consolidate its own specific business relationships, but it also developed new contacts in both traditional and emerging markets to the advantage of the entire group. Indeed, ISWA focuses on communal promotion not only via optimization of costs, but also by rendering efficient the activities undertaken, sharing experiences and information with the aim of multiplying opportunities. In order to promote a brand across the world, fairs are one of the leading activities undertaken; ISWA enhances the impact of such occasions via the interaction between its constituent members, maximizing every operation within its exhibition space: a large, elegant and very functional stand in the Italian Pavilion welcomed the individual companies’ trading partners, arousing the curiosity of numerous operators in the sector. A giant high-definition screen helped to promote Italian excellence by offering passers-by and visitors surprising images of landscapes, vineyards and other magical places in Italy. The strong emotional impact aimed to stimulate a desire for Italian products but also a yearning to visit Italy, because of its beauty and the quality of its lifestyle. The next important event will be Vinitaly 2018 (15th-18th April) which, in reaffirming its shared philosophy, will see ISWA again engaged in shared group activities.