Solosole Pagus Camilla<br/> awarded 92 points<br/> by Robert Parker – Wine Advocate
25 January 2018

Solosole Pagus Camilla
awarded 92 points
by Robert Parker – Wine Advocate

Only recently released on the market, in limited editions, they have already garnered great international recognition. We are talking about the ‘treasure chest’ of outstanding wines produced by the Poggio al Tesoro winery in Bolgheri. Solosole Pagus Camilla, a selection of Vermentino, has been awarded 92 points by Monica Larner, a reviewer at Robert Parker - Wine Advocate. The 2015 vintage - reads the comment - pushes the borders a step forward in shaping the unique identity of the Vermentino of Poggio al Tesoro. Here is the full review:
"Poggio Al Tesoro has recently dedicated extra resources and effort to shaping their unique identity for the Vermentino grape. The 2015 Bolgheri Vermentino Solosole Pagus Camilla pushes the boundaries one step further. Often considered a work horse grape for easy-sipping summer drinking, this wine shows the depth and fruity creaminess that can be achieved with this versatile Italian grape. The bouquet offers beautiful tones of stone fruit, cantaloupe melon and passion fruit. This is a lovely wine."