Marilisa Allegrini: <br/> “Vinitaly, Prowein and Vinexpo <br/> together in the USA? Now there’s an idea…”
21 June 2017

Marilisa Allegrini:
“Vinitaly, Prowein and Vinexpo
together in the USA? Now there’s an idea…”

Today (Wednesday, 21st June), the 19th edition of Vinexpo, the biennial fair held in Bordeaux comes to a close. The fair has seen 2,350 exhibitors from more than 40 countries, and over 48,000 visitors from all over the world. Italy, represented by 225 companies, is the leading overseas nation in terms of exhibitor numbers, second only to the host country.
"Over the last six years", explains Marilisa Allegrini, CEO of Allegrini, "exports have remained the only component of GDP that supports growth in our country. The underlying scenario developed by SACE (owned by the Group 'Cassa Depositi e Prestiti' of which Marilisa Allegrini is a consultant), in collaboration with Oxford Economics, shows signs of recovery for both the current year and upcoming years. Amongst product catagories, agricultural and food products are the group that will certainly score best in terms of performance in the next four years. Expected growth in sales is 4.8% in 2017 and 5% in the next three years, in line with average growth over the past four years.
What forms the basis of the Italian business model is the certainty that exports are driven by growth in demand from our trading partners, but also by changes in competitiveness. Italy is producing better all the time and the evocative power that our country brings with it has no equal. This leads us to think that in the absence of exogenous factors such as possible sanctions or customs duties, Italian market share should continue to grow by the amount I mentioned earlier.
That is why events such as Vinexpo, or other similar wine fairs such as Prowein and our own Vinitaly, still represent formidable meeting points with our established partners, but also with the trade sectors (on and off premise) that are the vital link with those who choose our product rather than another; that is, the final consumer.
Some people have come up with the idea that Vinitaly, Vinexpo and Prowein, the three most important trade fairs, should come together for a major trade show dedicated to trade in America, where this formula does not yet exist. This is indeed an interesting hypothesis ...
Most importantly, Allegrini - which has already been present in international markets for many years - has been developing new business models. In 2014, in particular, we created a strategic association, ISWA, which brings together eight companies. In addition to us, the wine producers are: Arnaldo Caprai, Feudi of San Gregorio, Fontanafredda, Frescobaldi, Masciarelli, Planeta and Villa Sandi. Those who passed by at the stand that we shared at Vinexpo will have seen the importance of our alliance as a team, providing a small but important contribution to creating promotional synergies for the national good.
In addition to sharing exhibit spaces and dedicated events, as an alliance of companies we exchange opinions, opportunities and information. Together we have also managed to enter channels other than traditional ones, such as Travel & Retail or E-Commerce. These results also stem from the fact that we are perceived as Ambassadors of our respective regions of origin, but above all, as the driving force behind the entire sector".