“An Ambassador for Italy”<br/>Wine Spectator editorial<br/>celebrates the history of Allegrini
05 April 2017

“An Ambassador for Italy”
Wine Spectator editorial
celebrates the history of Allegrini

"An Ambassador for Italy". This is the title of Wine Spectator's cover story by Marvin Shanken and Tom Matthews in the April edition of the magazine, which dedicates its front cover to Marilisa Allegrini. Marilisa, Franco and Walter, the article says, have helped the Veneto to increase quality and regain prestige. It's an impressive story that illustrates the energy and determination of Italian vintners as a whole.
Below is an extract from the article:

The Allegrini family has deep roots in the vineyards that surround Verona, in north-central Italy. But when siblings Marilisa, Walter and Franco took over the company after the death of their father in 1983, both the winery and the region were in dire straits. Marilisa took on the daunting task of selling Allegrini wines in the United States. She quickly discovered that Americans were not fans of the thin herbaceous Valpolicellas nor the thick, oxidized Amarones. She turned to her brothers for help: Walter in the vineyards, and Franco in the winery. Together, they have established Allegrini as one of the most dynamic and successful wine companies in Italy. And they have helped the entire Veneto region raise quality and regain prestige. There has been triumph and tragedy along the way. But the family persevered, and expanded. Now the seventh generation is entering the business. It's an inspiring story, and it reflects the energy and determination of Italian vintners as a whole.