journalists and influencers at San Polo: <br/>the challenge of communicating wine
20 February 2018

journalists and influencers at San Polo:
the challenge of communicating wine

The occasion was Benvenuto Brunello 2018, the headquarters, Montalcino - San Polo to be precise - and the event, an evening championed by Marilisa Allegrini, was to to sit down at the same table (with the now-traditional menu of Boiled meats and Brunello ("Bollito & Brunello") to reinforce the Veneto-Tuscany combination) with journalists and opinion leaders in the world of wine. Two different ways of communicating: the traditional and the use of new technology. During the very pleasant evening, the winemaker Riccardo Fratton presented the 2016 vintage of Rosso di Montalcino, the award-winning Brunello 2013, and the Riserva 2012.
"All you need to do is become wine ambassadors in the world - joked Marilisa Allegrini addressing followers in an Instagram moment - and we'll take care of ensuring quality".