A fond farewell to Domenico Clerico
17 July 2017

A fond farewell to Domenico Clerico

Domenico Clerico has left us, all too soon. His passing is a deeply felt by all Italian winemakers. Domenico was not only a great Barolo expert who was both innovative and traditional, but he clung on to his conviction of quality beyond compromise, the sort of quality that necessarily stemmed from his beloved vineyards. He was a wine grower and spoke like a farmer, yet the concepts he expressed were nonetheless of the calibre of an intellectual: sombre, spartan and essential, and at the same time full of the kind of passion that convinces and captivates. Keeping himself at arm's length from the media spotlight, when he met fellow friends and producers, he would ask them about their land, the climate in that particular vintage, the bottles they would go on to produce; he was genuinely interested in their success, and especially in their difficulties. For the Valpolicella and Amarone, he showed deep respect and admiration. Farewell, dear Domenico, the Allegrini Family will always cherish and remember you...