“Green Oscars” awarded by Coldiretti<br/> at Villa Della Torre
25 July 2017

“Green Oscars” awarded by Coldiretti
at Villa Della Torre

Valentina Tomezzoli, Veronese, has made her product, rice, into an almost 'designer' label; Rino Bernard has won some of the highest acclaim from his fruit juices produced in Belluno; Sara Migliorini is the magic piper of the Padua countryside, and her neighbour, Andrea Barbetta, has launched a Start-up with his pomegranates Again in Padua, Luigi and Silvia Girotto are the new proponents of a rediscovered 'flower power", while in Treviso, Arianna Frison and her peers have opened a "Made-in-Italy" shop selling their produce in the historic centre of Castelfranco Veneto.
These are the six winners of the Coldiretti Green Oscars, chosen by the jury from amongst the hundred aspiring award winners. The prize recognizes the new talents of agricultural operators, those who are most social-minded, innovative and imaginative, focusing on environmental sustainability and enhancing their traditions as a means to internationalizing their business. The event, one of the most keenly awaited by those working in the sector, was organized in Fumane. It was preceded by a debate among agri-sector workers, including Caterina Sofia Mastella Allegrini and Silvia Allegrini, the President of the Consorzio Pinot Grigio Doc delle Venezie Albino Armani, the olive grower and head of FederDop Olio, Daniele Salvagno, and Luigi Forte, co-owner of a company that deals with medicinal herbs worldwide.
Moderated by Pietro Piccioni, director of Coldiretti Veneto in a fast, cut-and-thrust debate, they voiced their own personal commitment to corporate growth but, above all, demonstrated the generosity of their service in favour of their fellow operators in the sector and of improving market strategies.