Millenials and agro-food consumption<br/>Friday 16 June at Villa Della Torre
11 June 2017

Millenials and agro-food consumption
Friday 16 June at Villa Della Torre

Millennials, or in other words, the 'digital generation', are changing consumer eating styles and habits and launching a kind of 'food devolution' when it comes to local produce, especially olive oil!
In comparison with previous generations, they are even more careful when appraising the quality, nutritional factors and sustainability of foodstuffs, and are prepared to spend more than their parents on food. However they also demand complete and specific information about what they eat.
The Millennials are, therefore, a generation that focuses on the quality of the foods they choose as well as their beneficial and nutritional properties; 80% of them want to be informed as regards the origin and traceability of the food they consume, demonstrating awareness and attention to environmental sustainability. 'Food trends' for the Millennials lay special emphasis on organic products and those sourced locally, such as at farmer's markets.
The meeting on Friday, 16th March will focus on this generational change and, at the same time, provide an overview and review of the culture and behaviour of the Millennials, viewed from the point of view of food consumption, focusing in particular on their consumption of olive oil. After the meeting, awards will be presented to the companies that participated in the 14th edition of the "“Concorso Oleario Internazionale AIPO d’Argento” (International Oil Producers Competition) and at the 2nd Trophy "Evo Top Winners"

Programme: Friday 16th June (please note that the meeting will be held in Italian only)
4 pm Guided tour of Villa Della Torre Allegrini with the Director of the Villa, Giancarlo Mastella
Olio Veneto DOP Donne Impresa e Federconsumatori
4.30pm - Talk on the Agro-Foods sector: “l’Olio Veneto DOP, uno illustre sconosciuto”,(Veneto Olive Oil DOP, illustrious but unknown), by Franca Castellani, Regional Coordinator of Donne Impresa, and Giovanna Capuzzo, President of Federconsumatori
5pm - Welcome address and greetings from the authorities present and of the President of Aipo, Comm. Albino Pezzini
5.15pm - Introduction by Daniele Salvagno, President of the Consorzio Olivo Veneto DOP and of Nazionale Federdop
5.30pm - "I Millennials: scelte d’acquisto e nuovi modelli di consumo" (Millennials: purchasing choices and new consumer models) by Prof. Diego Begalli, University of Verona
5.45pm - "Prodotti tipici e paesaggio nella percezione dei Millennials" (Local products and landscape in the perception of the Millennials - Prof. Gianni Moriani Unive
6pm - "I Millennials, il vino ed il web" (Millennials, wine and the Web) by Caterina Mastella Allegrini, Az. Agricola Allegrini, Fumane di Valpolicella
6.15pm - Presentation of the book: “Destino che s’incontrino: l’Olio Veneto DOP incontra il Consumatore” by Enzo Gambin
6.30pm - Concluding comments
Moderator: dr. Michele Bungaro, Journalist and Associate Director of Fooi-Filiera Olivicola Olearia Italiana scarl.
Award Ceremony programme:
6.45pm - Awarding of the prizes to the winners of the 14th edition of the "Concorso Oleario Internazionale AIPO d’Argento” and 2nd Trophy “Evo Top Winners”.
7.30pm - Tasting of typical products of the Venetian territory in the Peristyle of the Villa (16th century)
Musical entertainment with Contrada Lorì

The invitation is open to the public.
Prior booking is recommended: - ​​Tel. 045 6832070