Vinitaly 2017<br/> La Grola Limited Edition<br/> speaks Portuguese with Nazareno
14 April 2017

Vinitaly 2017
La Grola Limited Edition
speaks Portuguese with Nazareno

The 'La Grola Limited Edition' label was premiered at Vinitaly 2017, and will be released on the market with vintage 2014. The label, created by Brazilian artist Nazareno Rodrigues Alves, is called "Insieme" (Together) and illustrates the theme that Allegrini chose for its Vinitaly 2017: In vino habitat. The work depicts animals that have returned to populate the Company's vineyards, thanks to the virtuous management of the natural environment.
An historical vineyard in the Valpolicella, cited for the quality of its wines since the time of Catullus, La Grola is the vineyard which is said to have been the birthplace of Corvina, the Valpolicella's main autochthonous varietal.
As a tribute to the unique features of La Grola, Allegrini came up with the idea of creating a gallery of artist’s labels. The series began with the Limited Edition artwork of Milo Manara for La Grola 2010 and continued in 2011 with the label created by Arthur Duff and in 2012 with the painting by Athos Faccincani. With the kind permission of the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, La Grola 2013 bears Composition VI by Wassily Kandinsky, coinciding with the artist’s 150th birthday. In recent years, therefore, La Grola has drawn inspiration from travel, diverse cultures, nationalities, people and seemingly unconnected experiences that have come together to communicate freely, through a wine and a wine label. Following along the same lines, and because Allegrini is celebrating the rebirth of life, the varied presence of wildlife in the vineyards and the enhancement of eco-sustainable agriculture practices via its theme for Vinitaly titled ‘In vino habitat’, this year La Grola has encountered the innovative Brazilian artist, Nazareno Alves Rodrigues. His beautiful and highly detailed drawings depict the animals – bichinhos in Portuguese – that inhabit the vineyards and that are without doubt the best testimonial of the care and attention that Allegrini dedicates to the Family’s estates.
Nazareno Alves Rodrigues was born in 1967 and works in São Paulo, Brazil. In his works, the artist directs attention to the details of human relationships (those little mysteries called socialization), as well as to issues relating to children: fairy tales, games, nature, spoken whispers; that is, anything that can be conceived as memory and history. Drawer, sculptor and multimedia artist, Nazareno, whose career began in 1997, has participated in numerous domestic and international exhibitions. During his artistic career he has published several books, for example, ‘It’s the Things You Don’t See That Set Us Apart’ (2004), ‘In a Place Not Far Away From You’ (2013), ‘ABC, A Practical Guide For People of All Ages’ (2014) and ‘Once Your Eyes Are Open, Keep Them Opened’ and ‘We Are Equal’ (2016). His works are included in many public and private collections.