Rediscovering “La Grola”<br/>the Valpolicella’s Historic Vineyard
14 June 2017

Rediscovering “La Grola”
the Valpolicella’s Historic Vineyard

An historical vineyard in the Valpolicella, mentioned for the quality of its wines since the age of Catullo, La Grola is the vineyard from which the native Corvina grape is said to have originated ('Grola' means raven or crow - or Corvo, hence Corvina - in the Veronese dialect) . A symbol of the rediscovery of upper hillside viticulture, the replanting of the La Grola vineyard, which took place under the auspices of Giovanni Allegrini in the late 1970s, started a viticultural and wine-culture revolution in the Valpolicella and laid the foundations for the rise and affirmation of this territory as a cradle of truly great red wines. The vineyard enjoys an exceptional microclimate: the mitigating influence of nearby Lake Garda and the constant breezes guarantee the health of the grapes, yielding a wine of great personality that is intense, elegant and appreciated for the finesse of its aromas.