50 years of vinitaly… as seen by ALLEGRINI
29 March 2016

50 years of vinitaly… as seen by ALLEGRINI

It has been a long journey and a magical adventure that began 50 years ago, side by side with Vinitaly... an on-going story of success and satisfaction at a national and international level. Every week this photo gallery will present a new, historic photo from the Company's archives, charting Allegrini's run-up to Vinitaly 2016: a tribute to the city of Verona, to the international wine fair, and to all wine lovers who, over the years, have fallen in love with the Valpolicella Classica and with Allegrini wines, now famous worldwide.

The photo now dates back some 18 years and shows the innovative Terre di Fumane Drying Facility that was still under construction at that time.
Terre di Fumane is the pioneering Drying Facility built to promote the 'appassimento' process and prevents the risks arising from excessive moisture that can cause mold to thrive. The journey of Amarone, the flagship of Allegrini's wine production, starts here. Amarone Allegrini is full-bodied and intense but at the same time extremely elegant and well-balanced.