Allegrini presents Fieramonte<br/>Amarone Classico Riserva d.o.c.g. 2011
30 September 2017

Allegrini presents Fieramonte
Amarone Classico Riserva d.o.c.g. 2011

The last vintage on the market was 1985. Now it is back with vintage 2011, in a limited production of about 5,000 bottles and a future rooted in history. Fieramonte, Amarone Classico Riserva D.O.C.G by Allegrini is produced with Corvina grapes (45%), Corvinone (45%), Rondinella (5%) and Oseleta (5%) from the vineyard of the same name located in Mazzurega di Fumane di Valpolicella (VR). “The Fieramonte vineyard has belonged to our family for many years - explains Marilisa Allegrini - and until 1985 we produced a Amarone that combined power and elegance, due to the vineyard’s specific geographical and climatic conditions. In 1985, many of the vines became infected with disease and so production stopped. In 2001 we re-planted the vineyard according to a new concept with double guyot training and high plant density per hectare. We then waited for the vines to achieve physiological maturity before we started to make this wine again in 2011. The vineyard - Marilisa continues - is at an altitude of some 400 metres a.s.l., on the hill that overlooks Villa Della Torre. It faces east, towards the morning sun, which is the softest and mildest, my father said, the sun that enables the grapes to ripen in the best way possible. The grapes that come from Fieramonte have a particular aromatic intensity due precisely to this morning sun. The grapes undergo the air-drying appassimento process but besides this, there is also an interesting ageing of 48 months in small oak casks. Fieramonte is a wine that combines power, a complex structure – and therefore great longevity – but also great elegance. “We are re-presenting Amarone Fieramonte, which we had abandoned in order to overhaul the vineyard from a viticultural point of view - says oenologist Franco Allegrini. The varietal base is slightly modified with respect to the historic vineyard, with a prevalence of Corvina and Corvinone. Our corporate philosophy has never been to design a wine based on extracts but instead to craft a wine that is identified with our ‘DNA’, which we feel is represented by the Corvina grape”.