Vinitaly 2017 <br/> Poggio al Tesoro <br/> presents its glittering new wines
14 April 2017

Vinitaly 2017
Poggio al Tesoro
presents its glittering new wines

Poggio al Tesoro presented three new wines at Vinitaly 2017: SoloSole Pagus Camilla, Cassiopea Pagus Cerbaia and Teos.
The Ancient Romans used the word ‘Pagus’ to identify a rural area that was of special agricultural value. This is still true today of Pagus Camilla, part of the vineyard called Le Sondraie, which lies on the boundary of a natural oasis of the same name. Here, alluvial sediments with elevated mineral content yield a ‘rare’ 100% Vermentino with intense citrus and herbal aromas, delightfully reminiscent of Mediterranean fragrances, enhanced by the proximity of the sea.
Production of rosé wines in Bolgheri goes back to ancient times. Starting with Cassiopea, rosé production at Poggio al Tesoro now continues with Pagus Cerbaia, a small, premium parcel of land with sedimentary soils. Here, our special selection of red grapes such as Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon are partly fermented in amphorae and partly in oak casks. The wine offers an intense floral aroma and a lively, crisp, and joyful palate with a persistent spicy note and a naturally round mouth-feel.
In ancient Greece, the city of TEOS was dedicated to Dionysus, the god of wine. For us, it is the name of our sweet wine by Poggio al Tesoro. Allegrini’s expertise in the appassimento technique has inspired the creation of this 100% Petit Manseng made with dried grapes. Teos is characterized by a rich sweetness that combines satisfying acidity, aromas of apricot, ripe fruit and jam with a deep golden hue.